100 + Chromebook Shortcuts and Function Keys (PDFs)

    Most of us have a friend or acquaintance who looks like a computer master. These people use the mouse as little as possible and do most things with a click of the finger on the keyboard. But nothing magical and simple. All it takes is a little practice and that makes it a lot of fun. All you have to do is learn and use the shortcuts. Like any desktop operating system, Chromebook has many key combinations. You need Chromebook to work with your operating system. Windows and Linux users can try running Chrome OS directly from a USB stick.

    You’ll be forgiven for thinking that Chrome OS probably doesn’t have as many shortcuts as Mac or Windows computers. Chrome OS is a very shortened version of the operating system. It is essentially a chrome web browser running on the Linux kernel. However, it still contains many shortcuts. The chrome itself has numerous keyboard shortcuts and function keys for various browser functions. With Chromebook you get even more, because your browser works with all other systems.

    Below you will find a fairly large table with the different shortcuts of Chrome OS or Chromebook and what they do.

    100+ beech wood chrome plated labels

    Chromebook has a lot of abbreviations, and no one can remember them all. Luckily, no one has to. Everyone uses their equipment differently. Some people use a Chrome OS-equipped device to browse the web and probably type a few emails and messages. Some people will write long articles, while others will probably only use them for media consumption.

    Of course, everyone has their own workflow and requirements. Your most commonly used functions will be very different from mine. So try to remember some of these Chromebook shortcuts and try to integrate them into your workflow. Once you get used to them, you don’t have to remember or use them. After the point, it becomes natural. You can then move on to the next pair of shortcuts that you think will make your life easier.

    These shortcuts to Chrome OS let you take screenshots on Chromebook, open a task manager, zoom in and out, manage your browser settings and URLs, create, open and save files, navigate through a page, and more. At the end of this article you can also download a list of competing shortcuts as a PDF file.

    Function keysBasic diary
    Ctrl + P Print the opening dialog
    Ctrl + S Saving the current web page
    Ctrl + R Refresh page
    Ctrl + Shift + R Refresh the page without loading the cache
    Ctrl + O Open the file
    Ctrl + H View the history
    Ctrl + J Download
    Ctrl + D Current bookmark page
    Ctrl + Shift + D Bookmarks for all open tabs
    Ctrl + Shift + B Bookmark button
    Alt + E Open the Chrome menu.
    Search + Esc Open Task Management
    Ctrl + U Show page source
    Ctrl + Shift + I Open the developer toolbar
    Tabs and navigation systems
    Ctrl + N Open a new window
    Ctrl + Shift + N Open a new window incognito
    Ctrl + T Open a new tab
    Ctrl + W Close the current tab
    Ctrl + Shift + W Close the current window
    Ctrl + Shift + T Restarting the last closed tab
    Ctrl + 1 – Ctrl + 8 Go to tab 1-8
    Ctrl + 9 Go to the last tab
    Ctrl + Tab Go to the next tab
    Ctrl + Shift + Tab Go to the previous tab
    Ctrl + click Open the link in a new tab
    Ctrl + Shift + Click Open the link in a new tab and click directly on it.
    Shift + click key Open link in a new window
    Derogation requests and abbreviations
    Alt + 1 – Alt + 8 Applications on open shelves 1-8
    Alt + 9 Open the last request on the shelf
    Alt + tab Go to the last open application; continue clicking on the application cycle.
    Alt + Shift + Tab Go to the least open applications; hold down the mouse button to go to the application cycle.
    Alt + [ Add the current request to the left edge of the screen.
    [ Alt + ] Add the current request on the right side of the screen.
    Alt + equals (=) Maximize the current window
    Old + min (-) Decrease the current window
    Search + Alt + M Moving a window between two screens (when using multiple monitors)
    Website navigation labels
    Ctrl + more (+) Enlarge
    Ctrl + min (-) Enlarge
    Ctrl + 0 (zero) Set the scale back to 100%.
    Ctrl + F Search the current page
    Alt + links Back to a page
    Alt + right Continue one page
    Alt + up Scroll up the page. Equivalent to the Page Up key in Windows
    Alt + Down Scroll down. Equivalent to the Page Down key in Windows
    Ctrl + Alt + Up Go to the top of the page. Equivalent to the house key in Windows
    Ctrl + Alt + Down Go to the bottom of the page. Equivalent key at the end in Windows
    Chrome system labels OS
    Shift + Alt + N View the notifications
    Ctrl + backwash in front Slash (/) Opening the help
    Ctrl + Alt + slash (/) Show the shortcut window for Chrome OS
    Search + L Screen lock
    Ctrl + Shift + Q (twice) Log out of your Google Account
    Ctrl + Shift + Plus (+) Increase screen resolution
    Ctrl + Shift + Minus (-) Reduce the screen resolution
    Ctrl + Shift + zero (0) Resetting the screen resolution
    Alt + brightness up/down Increasing/decreasing the keyboard backlight (if applicable)
    Ctrl + window switch Take a screenshot of the whole screen.
    Ctrl + Shift + Window switch Take a screenshot of the selected area
    Ctrl + full screen External monitor switching modes (if applicable)
    Labels for text editing
    Alt + Search Locking of the hoods
    Alt + Backspace Delete the next character. Equivalent to uninstalling Windows keys
    Ctrl + Backspace Delete the previous word
    Ctrl + Alt + Backspace Delete the following word
    Ctrl + A Select all
    Ctrl + L Select the whole text in the address bar
    Ctrl + right / left Move the cursor to the next/previous word.
    Ctrl + Shift + Right / Left Select the next/previous word
    Shift + Search + Right / Left Select the complete text to the end / beginning of the current line.
    Ctrl + Search + Right / Left Go to the end / beginning of the text / document field
    Ctrl + C Copy
    Ctrl + X Cutting
    Ctrl + V Fill in here.
    Ctrl + Shift + V Insert without layout
    Ctrl + Z Cancel.
    Ctrl + Y Redo
    Trackpad bypass and scrolling gestures
    Alt + click Corresponds to the right mouse button
    Click with three fingers Click on the equivalent in the middle
    You can do it with two fingers. Scroll up or down the page
    Caress with two fingers right/left. Forwards / backwards on one side
    Swipe with three fingers. Window shift key Equivalent
    Strike with three left/right fingers. Move between the open chrome-plated tabs
    Accessibility/Sophisticated navigation Brief description
    Shift + Alt + B Select the bookmark line; use the arrows to navigate.
    Shift + Alt + T Highlight the icons in the address bar.
    Shift + Alt + S Select the status field at the bottom right.
    Shift + Alt+ L Select the first shelf symbol
    Ctrl + Return Go to the previous available area of the on-screen keyboard
    Ctrl + Progress Go to the following available keypad zone on the screen
    Move + search + increase volume Opens the right mouse button menu for the selected item.
    Search + Ctrl + H Switching mode with high contrast
    Search + Ctrl + M Enlarge the whole screen
    Search + Ctrl + D Enlarge the screen
    Ctrl + Alt + Z ChromeVox switch, integrated screen reader
    Miscellaneous curtains
    Ctrl + Input Add www. and .com in the address bar and on the home page.
    Ctrl + point (.) Hidden files in the Show Files application
    Search + 1 – Search + pairs (=) Use the F-keys (F1 to F12).
    Ctrl + Alt + Dot (.) Go to the next user (if applicable)
    Ctrl + Alt + comma (,) Switch to the previous user (if applicable)
    Ctrl + Shift + Space Cycle between keyboard languages (if applicable)
    Alt + Shift + M Application Opening files

    In the hope that these shortcut keys and function keys of Chromebook will help you to perform some tasks quickly and easily, I close my list here. If I find more shortcuts, I’ll update this list. In the meantime, you can download this PDF file if you want to save the above shortcuts for Chromebook for later use.

    If you want to get the most out of Chromebook, don’t miss these tips and tricks on Chrome OS.chromebook shortcuts for students pdf,chromebook shortcuts screenshot

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