AWS Certified Solutions Architect-Professional Certification

    Published : 19. March 2020. |- Changed: 5. April 2020 | 163 visits

    Allow me to share my experiences for the most demanding exam to become an AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional. This article can help you on your way to AWS CSA PRO certification. Get AWS CSA PRO certification!

    In this article I will talk about the last months of the certification process, which may be useful for you and me.

    As I have said over the past few months, I assume that you have good practical experience (perhaps through a personal account or commercial projects) with the services of AWS. Of course, services such as Snowball, Direct Connect are rarely useful, but you should at least have a good understanding of them. Site here AWS Cloud support.

    Let’s start with the non-technical aspect of this trip, which plays a key role in the success of the exam.

    Your reading skills are important!

    Yeah, you read it right. The AWS CSA PRO exam consists of 75 questions that must be answered within 180 minutes. That’s about two minutes before each question.

    Most questions are statements of 3-4 or more, as well as possible answers. So you have to read an almost important part of the text for a question. You will then notice that you will be asked questions, analyse the answers and choose the most appropriate option. Too much work in two minutes!

    And there are few questions whose answers are simply wrong and which, at first glance, can be quickly eliminated. Most answers are correct, but you should choose the answer that best fits the question. So it’s a long-term job that takes more time. So I said reading skills play a role.

    Advice (probably crazy) : Watching subtitled videos is an easy way to teach the brain to read quickly and understand the context at the same time!

    Of course, you have to make yourself comfortable before you take the exam. With his three-hour class, and you don’t want any distractions.

    Last month problems with online training

    In the last month before the exam, you can enroll in specially structured, exam-oriented online courses that contain material for all the basic services of the exam.

    These courses are slightly longer than 40-50 hours of video, but you can always use the video speed (usually set to 1.5x) to finish the course quickly. I took the Linux Academy course with Adrian Cantrell and the Cloud Guru course with Scott Pletcher. However, do not try to take the practical exam immediately after the course. Leave them for the final phase before testing.

    The AWS training portal also offers free courses for you to try out at that time. You must be familiar with all AWS services, at least with their name and use. The services introduced in the past year are less frequently included in the test, so they may be missed.

    View SAP documents and videos (required)

    After attending online exam preparation courses, you will know exactly what to expect. These courses are often supplemented with links to AWS white papers or new videos on the chapter topic. Yeah, those are the most important things to go on.

    The official CIP documents and FAQ pages will give you many minutes you may have missed and help you determine the validity of your choice for the situation in question. If you don’t have much time, at least look at the documents for services where you are weak or have little knowledge/experience.

    AWS re:Invent Videos on Youtube is another content platform that gives you a number of ideas/points that you may have missed during the preparation process. They are also useful because many customers come to re:Invent and present their use cases. This will help you to display the actual use of the controls and get a reliable confirmation of your response. And you can use the video speed control on Youtube to watch the video quickly!


    Well, we are now at the stage where all the knowledge has been acquired, and it is time to test that knowledge. And now it’s time to take the practice tests for your online courses. Make sure you do these practice tests for John Bonso. This is a series of 4 practical tests that are worth investing in.

    You should also consider writing your own practice exam. If you’re lucky, you’ll come across a few questions during the actual exam. If you have already obtained an AWS certification, you must also have a discount code in your AWS training account that allows you to take this test for free.

    You can book a test if you can score 90% or more on all the practice tests above and understand why some answers are correct and others are not. Remembering the answers won’t help.

    I downloaded my 50-page handwritten notes. They can be used as flashcards for your last review.

    Viewing my notes for revisionof the last day

    Make sure you’re there!

    There you are! There you are! Closing day! Just stay calm on the day of the exam and take the exam. Take your time for last-minute measurements, etc. This will confuse and complicate things. It is best to be calm, because on the day of the exam your mind is very important, because it will help you to read and understand the writing at the first attempt. In this way you do not waste your valuable time re-reading the questions/answers.

    • Always remember not to spend more than two minutes on a question. We’re running out of time!
    • If you can’t find the answers quickly, mark them and continue.
    • If you see answers with the same solutions and only one or two key words that differ from each other, it is easy to finish the answer quickly without reading whole statements.
    • View the problems and enter keywords such as high availability solution, low cost, multiregional, load balancing, etc. This will help you to limit the offer of specific services.
    • When you read the questions, start building solutions in your head using the keywords mentioned above. It helps you look for the answers and find the solution you want. This will save you a lot of time!
    • Take the exam at the last second, even if you manage to complete all the questions and you will see the questions scored in advance. Use the remaining time to check the answers again.


    Your result will be sent to you by e-mail within 5 working days. However, you can do this by looking at the messages that appear on the screen after you have passed or failed the exam you took. The message is pretty confusing (it’s more like you’ve been frying your brains for the last 3 hours!) because it says you passed the exam! (Several posts mentioned here in the forum) But in short, if you can see that it starts with congratulations, then you’ve done it! and if it starts with thanks, then you should try it certification cost,passed aws solution architect professional

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