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    A 29-year-old Russian rapper who likes to do what rappers do – such as posting his photos on social media, kissing cotton wool or throwing expensive champagne – will appear in a court in Pennsylvania this week to face a money laundering trial over cyber-circuits.

    His name is Maxim Boyko, also known as Maxim Boyko, a plinofficial gangster or rapper. And here he documents his funny activities with big cards:

    These articles are only part of what the FBI calls evidence of inexplicable wealth. Here’s more: a photo published on Bojko’s Instagram account in August 2015 with a large pile of Chinese Yuan on the table and Maxim’s inscription (because why brag about inexplicable wealth without making sure his name keeps appearing).

    If you are interested in a) Russian rap, b) how a young man from Siberia fell in love with Afro-American music, black hip-hop style and the famous silver phone, using piles of money pretending to talk on one of the brick phones of the eighties, and/or d) the growth of the hip-hop genre and Boyko’s role in the Russian music scene, then the BBC is behind you.

    If not, don’t worry. Suffice it to say that he never got very far in his musical career: According to the BBC, MTV fans in Russia have recognized Boyko as the 74th best Russian rapper, and he has rarely appeared in public.

    He’d be much better at money laundering.

    In an affidavit filed in March and opened in April, FBI Special Agent Samantha Shelnik said Boyko was closely linked to the BTC-e, a popular and fraudulent Russian cryptographic exchange system used by many cyber-circles to launder money until the U.S. website was hijacked in 2017.

    (selected) BTC Saga

    One of BTC-e’s specialties was washing recovery products. As the stock market closed, a Google study showed that BTC-e accounted for 95% of all repurchases.

    According to the U.S. Treasury Department’s Financial Crime Network (FinCEN), BTC-e has processed payments of at least $3 million from the victims of the ransom attacks on Cryptolocker and Locky. It is also said that he was the money that was pirated from Mount Gox, which was one of the first and most prosperous stock exchanges – until 2014, when it collapsed after a mass theft of Bitcoin.

    According to the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), BTC-e received more than $4 billion in deposits at the time of its arrest.

    In July 2019 – two years after the conquest of BTC-e – the United States was still striving for a dysfunctional barter and in 2017 sought a $100 million fine for helping to buy and sell black web drugs.

    What’s Boyko’s place?

    The FBI claims that Boyko helped launder money for BTC-e. The rapper would have used the alias Gangas to cover his business with cyber courses. He also reportedly communicated with them via Jabber’s secure, encrypted instant messaging platforms, including, which the office says is used almost exclusively by cybercriminals.

    According to the affidavit, a search of the FBI database revealed that an e-mail account at [email protected] was used to register a BTC e-mail account. Those who registered their account with this email also gave the name of Maxim Boyko and the username of the gangster. BTC-e data showed that prior to the BTC-e seizure, approximately $387,964 was deposited into the account allegedly belonging to Boyko and approximately 136 Bitcoins were withdrawn.

    How do I get proof of an encrypted email application?

    In short, a secure, encrypted email application is not as secure when you take screenshots of your chats and then paste them into your email.

    According to a 29-page statement, the FBI obtained Boyko’s alleged communications with Jabber through a court-ordered search of his Apple iCloud account, which conveniently contained photos of his alleged communications with Jabber in scams.

    An example is a screenshot of a Jabber chat with an account at [email protected]: an account that, according to the FBI, was linked to a leader of a transnational organized crime group called QQAAZZ. In the affidavit, the leader is named as conspirator A. In an interview in July 2019, [email protected] receives confirmation of payment to Bitcoin for the amount of 3,482: approximately $35,000. Another call about Jabber, about selling 300 credit cards.

    In another conversation between [email protected] and what the FBI calls a well-known online merchant under the pseudonym Moneybooster, Moneybooster inserted an application for a business account that could handle a 200-300k transfer. In response, the gang opened an account with Arco Technology (Hong Kong) Limited, a Hong Kong company, stating the address and account number of the bank. When the transmission was blocked a few days later, they discussed whether they could continue to use the access data. Moneybooster’s answer:

    …it won’t kill your papers… but the same bank won’t work for me because it’s on Chase’s blacklist.

    … …which, according to the FBI, indicates that the gang knew the money came from a victim who stole information to access a bank account, and that the attempted transfer was fraudulent.

    These are just a few examples of funds stolen from American victims that have been transferred or attempted to be transferred to bank accounts controlled by the QQQAAZZ group: Transfer or attempted transfer of victims to the United States. IMAGE : FBI office

    Over the ocean and directly in the hands of the FBI

    In January Bojko and his wife came to the United States. They arrived at Miami airport and were picked up with $20,000 in cash. U.S. Customs and Border Protection wanted to know where all this came from? According to Boyko, investments in Russian bitcoins and rental properties.

    No, we don’t believe that, the FBI said. It turned out that in addition to the probable $20,000, the officers followed all these photos and discussions on social networking sites and in 2015 watched Boyko’s documentary on piles of money.

    The images…are evidence of Boyko’s inexplicable wealth, [and] are inconsistent with legitimate business practices and are consistent with the assertions made in this document.

    The FBI arrested Boyko on the 28th. March in an apartment in Miami, a date that, according to the BBC, lies just a few days before the release of the rapper’s album. It wasn’t even the first time that the remarkable events in Bojko’s musical career coincided with loopholes. Indeed, on the same day, in July 2017, Boyko announced that the Greek police had arrested the Russian citizen Alexander Vinnik, the alleged organizer of BTC-e. Vinnik is in charge of 21 counts in the United States.

    Vinnik was in Greece until January 2020, when France defeated Russia and the United States in the fight for his extradition.

    Earlier this month, lawyer Boyko Arkady Bukh told Cyberskop that the rapper intends to plead guilty. In connection with the pandemic he was indicted by Zoom in the Western District of Pennsylvania. The 11th. An information meeting was held in May. The date of the next hearing has not yet been fixed.

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