Digital marketing in your ecommerce

    As in any business, in your online store or ecommerce you must have a digital marketing strategy.

    Wait, you may be wondering what digital marketing is and why it is important to apply it to your store, right? Let’s refresh your memory.


    Digital marketing is a set of techniques and studies applied to the internet that seek to improve the commercialization of a product, good or service. 

    And why is it so important to have a digital marketing strategy?

    • Help define your goals :if you want to get new customers, strengthen your community or promote your products.
    • You allow your competition, who are clear about their objectives, ahead of you in number of sales, community and potential buyers.
    • It is useful to know your customersand your future buyers, their needs and offer it to differentiate yourself from the competition.
    • Improve all aspects of your e-commerce marketing ,in search engines, in positioning in social networks, customer service or product promotion.

    These are just some points that you should consider if you are not sure why you have a digital marketing strategy.

    Your online store needs this plan and here you can find the different types of digital marketing strategy that you can incorporate, with their pros and cons.

    Get down to work we started.

    what is the digital marketing?

    Types of digital marketing strategies

    Once you have understood what digital marketing is and why you should apply it to your online store, it is important to have differentiated types of marketing that you can use.

    As you will see in the following paragraphs, depending on the objective you are pursuing, you will use one type of strategy or another.

    We are going to try to develop them so that you can analyze which one suits you in each situation.

    How do franchises work with marketing?

    If you want to delve into franchise marketing, click on the following link

    ➡️ This is how the successful franchise model grows in the market   ⬅️

    Content marketing

    Content marketing tries to attract customers to your online store by generating useful, entertaining or training information through a blog. If your content is good and gives the best user response, it will be an incredible customer drive.


    Content marketing helps you if your goal is:

    ➡️ Create free value content, generate trust in customers and help build your brand, positioning it on social networks or search engines.

    ➡️ Get traffic to your online store. Good content with a good call to action can end up becoming a purchase.

    Inbound Marketing

    Inbound marketing can be summed up in one sentence: it is a set of marketing techniques that come together to add value to the customer in exchange for their attention.

    It is a combination of different types of digital marketing: content marketing, search engine optimization, generating a presence in social networks and analytics.

    You should apply it if your goal is to make it easier for your potential customers to find your brand.


    Inbound marketing works for you if your goal is:

    ➡️ Attract customer attention through your content: in blog posts, optimizing your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy, uploading videos on YouTube or Podcast.

    ➡️ Get potential customers and current customers to increase their loyalty to your brand.

    ➡️ Make your brand the leader in your sector, target potential customers and increase organic searches.

    These public relations actions in marketing will help you create ideas and attract potential buyers

    ➡️ Marketing strategies to attract your potential customers ⬅️

    Relational marketing

    In digital marketing consultant in india, the customer comes first, not so much the product you sell.

    At present, businesses that look to the future are betting on this type of marketing, they do not focus on profits but on their customers being loyal to the brand.


    Relationship marketing will help you if your goal is:

    ➡️ Offer all the prominence to the client , analyzing their wishes and needs, personalizing the product and applying sales techniques that impact them.

    ➡️ Establish proper management and personalized attention to each client, achieving great satisfaction with your brand.

    Conversational marketing

    In conversational marketing, the important factor is the reputation of your brand: maintaining a positive image of it and positioning your business. In this way the conversions will increase.

    To know the reputation of your brand ask yourself three questions:

    “Who are you?”, “Who does he say you are?” and “Who do people say you are?”


    Conversational marketing will help you if your goal is to:

    ➡️ Apply a strategy so that potential clients speak positively about what you offer to improve the reputation of your brand.

    ➡️ Create a unique and valuable experience that motivates your clients to share with other people who may be potential clients.

    Permission marketing

    Don’t panic if this type of marketing strategy is unfamiliar to you, it is a novel technique.

    It was Seth Godin who first positioned this new term in his book: Permission Marketing: Turning Strangers Into Friends and Friends Into Customers: Strangers into Friends into Customers .

    In it, it states that there must be a permission from the client so that you can send information or advertising about your ecommerce.

    Permission marketing is a strategy:

    ✅ In advance , since the client has given his permission and is already waiting for the information you send him.

    ✅ Personal , since the message and the content attached to it are related to the target customer.

    ✅ Relevant , the content is created on the interests of that client, interests that you already know.


    Permission marketing will help you if your goal is to:

    ➡️ Improve the trust between a potential client and your brand , you do not enter his life suddenly and throw the door down, you ask him for permission and he decides whether to stay or not.

    ➡️ Establish a long-term and authentic relationship with a potential client: you offer them interesting things, that you already know they like, it keeps them interested in your brand.

    These are the digital marketing strategies that we recommend applying to your online store to avoid mistakes.

    With them, you can improve the positioning of your ecommerce, build customer loyalty and generate conversions for your growth.

    It’s your turn to participate, try these techniques and tell us in the comments what you think.


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