Getting past the Next Generation Endpoint Security Hype This article is written by Matt Alderman, CEO of Security Weekly.

    We’ve been hearing the same story for years. Antivirus software is not effective in stopping cyber attacks because hackers have adapted their methods to avoid signature-based detection. Even the next generation of antivirus protection that uses techniques such as machine learning and behavioral analysis cannot protect an organization more effectively than its big brother. But why? The answer is simple: almost all AV and NGAV solutions focus on preventing malicious files, an attack vector that slowly but surely disappears in favor of fileless functionality and disruptive activity for trusted users and applications.

    Worse than their hyperfocus on insignificance, they continue to rely on the historical analysis of the attack for future discoveries, preventing them from making alerts and discoveries with great accuracy in real time. They lack the visibility and threat information needed to understand the attackers’ tactics and methods, which means that these so-called NGAV solutions lack confidence in their ability to detect malicious activities. Evidence of this is that they introduce unnecessary latency with cloud and human analysis that doesn’t work at the speed needed to protect against modern threats.

    So where’s the company looking for better protection?

    A modern end-point protection strategy should include prevention, detection and response. By effectively automating threat intelligence for reliable prevention, detection, and response, security analysts can spend their time improving protection rather than responding to incidents caused by the same lack of real-time capacity and unnecessary delays.

    Convergence of Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) to
    The Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP) can replace the basic functions of the AV/NGAV,
    , but can also improve the protection against the following:

    • Malware options, including a malware-based buy-out
    • Confusing malware, unknown malware and zero-day
    • Malicious scripts using PowerShell,
      Visual Basic, Perl, Python and Java/JAR.
    • Residual storage attacks and other malware – less than
    • Malicious use of good software

    Among more than 100 access point security vendors,
    antivirus protection is easily replaced by the
    access point security platform and a stand-alone agent:

    • Early Warning – Protects
      against exploits, malware, fileless attacks and ransom programs.
    • Fastest detection and response – stops all
      attacks in the early stages of the ATT&CK™ MITRE matrix.
    • Automated threat detection – Integrated detection, deployment of
      and solvent.

    Endgame’s Artemis, the first intelligent security wizard, improves and speeds up the work of operators and analysts by answering simple questions and assignments in English.  With Artemis, analysts can prioritize, sort and correct alerts on hundreds of thousands of devices in minutes, which would take hours or days with traditional tools.

    In a highly active market, access point security tools should provide a simple and cost-effective way to replace virus protection while increasing costs. With Endgame, your organization can quickly prevent malware and advanced attacks across the entire MITRE ATT&CK infrastructure with a single, stand-alone agent.  For more information go to

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