Getting Zoom Security Right-8 Family and Friends Tips

    If you have read the newspaper or seen the news in recent weeks, you will notice a general topic discussed by all the major press agencies. COWID-19. Many companies are now trying to support their employees during this global pandemic, with governments asking those who can work from home to slow the spread. Zoom, the most popular solution for remote conferences, is a success. Its ease of use and configuration make it the ideal choice for millions of professionals, students and families.

    The explosion has occurred in recent months and has increased the number of participants from 10 million at the December meeting to more than 200 million today.  With this increased use, the safety of the hem has been highlighted. Several friends and family members have asked me if it is safe to use Zoom. The answer is that it depends on a few factors, but with a few security tips they can guarantee the safety of their online meetings.

    1. Setting the session ID and password

    Setting a username and password for a meeting may seem trivial, but it’s far from it. Attackers and intruders can guess or name the session IDs through a process called a war number.

    zWarDial is a tool to identify phone numbers that can successfully connect to a computer modem or, in this case, a zoom call. When using zWarDial, it is important to set a password to prevent unwanted guests from bombing Zoom Bombing, where unwanted guests enter inappropriate content into your conference call.

    Meeting ID and Password Control Meeting ID and Password Control Screenshot

    2. Turn on the waiting room

    Zoom has a feature called Waiting Room that allows the host to check when a participant participates in the meeting. As a host you can accept visitors individually or keep all visitors in the waiting room and accept them all at the same time.  This option makes it possible to be selective and enables the access of expected visitors.

    Waiting room administration

    3. Deactivation of pre-recording

    If you disable the Join Before Host feature, visitors will not be able to participate in a meeting that is zoomed in on the host. This is important because when this setting is enabled, the first member who participates in the meeting automatically becomes the host and has full control over the meeting.

    Participation for host control

    4. Silencing activation

    This feature allows the host to automatically disable all participants when they enter. With the exception of webinars, participants can be muted during the session. By dampening the meeting platforms while they are connected, the amount of noise is reduced.

    Follow-up of silent participants

    5. Only enable on-screen demonstration inHost

    If other users cannot share their screen without permission, the meeting is kept in order and unexpected users cannot interrupt the meeting by sharing their screen.

    Public screen management

    6. Deactivate Remote Membership Allowance

    If an uninvited guest or visitor logs in and deletes it, disabling this feature will prevent the guest or visitor from attending the meeting at all times.

    Subscription remote control

    7. Disabling Enabling file transfer

    Malware can be transferred by file transfer. For example, disabling file transfer during a zoom meeting prevents potentially dangerous files from being shared among participants.

    File transfer management

    8. Keeping the application scale up to date

    If you keep your applications up to date, make sure you have the latest security features and updates installed. This should apply to all your applications, not just scaling up.

    Control of application updates

    The zoom is easy to use and is widely available in both the free and the paid version, but do not confuse increased use with increased security. Most software is problematic, and Zoom recognized their problems in a very transparent way and showed that they had a mitigation plan. In fact, they have hired several security advisors who have worked with companies such as Microsoft, Facebook and Google to fix the latest security flaws. These measures to ensure a safe meeting environment make you feel safe and zoom to secure zoom meetings,zoom security update,zoom app privacy issues,zoom security issues news,zoom web portal as an administrator,zoom privacy,zoom party,zoom screen sharing

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