In recent attacksEvilnum APT used Python-based RAT PyVil


    The Evilnum APT group has added a brand new weapon to its arsenal, it’s a Python-based spy RAT, dubbed PyVil, designed to focus on FinTech organizations.

    The Evilnum APT group was first noticed in 2018 whereas utilizing the homonym malware. Through the years, the group added new instruments to its arsenal, together with customized and selfmade malware together with software program bought from the Golden Chickens malware-as-a-service (MaaS) supplier.

    The group aimed toward harvesting monetary data from monetary know-how firms, equivalent to buying and selling platforms. A lot of the targets are situated within the EU and within the UK, however specialists additionally noticed assaults in opposition to firms in Australia and Canada.

    In accordance with researchers at Cybereason, now the risk actor has added a brand new device to its arsenal, it’s a Python-based distant entry trojan (RAT), dubbed PyVil.

    “In latest weeks, the Nocturnus staff has noticed new exercise by the group, together with a number of notable modifications from techniques noticed beforehand. These variations embrace a change within the chain of an infection and persistence, new infrastructure that’s increasing over time, and the usage of a brand new Python-scripted Distant Entry Trojan (RAT) Nocturnus dubbed PyVil RAT. ” reads the report revealed by Cybereason.

    The PyVil RAT helps a number of functionalities together with:

    • Keylogger
    • Operating cmd instructions
    • Taking screenshots
    • Downloading extra Python scripts for added performance
    • Dropping and importing executables
    • Opening an SSH shell
    • Amassing data equivalent to Anti-virus merchandise put in, USB units related, and Chrome model.

    The PyVil RAT was just lately employed in assaults in opposition to FinTech firms throughout the U.Okay. and E.U. Attackers carried out spear-phishing emails utilizing the Know Your Buyer laws (KYC) as a lure.

    PyVil RAT was compiled with py2exe to construct the Home windows executable and the Python code contained in the py2exe is obfuscated with additional layers, with the intention to stop decompilation of the payload.

    The researchers extracted the primary layer of Python code utilizing a reminiscence dump, it decodes and decompresses the second layer. The second layer of Python code decodes and masses to reminiscence the principle RAT and the imported libraries.

    The PyVil RAT shops the malware settings (i.e. model, command-and-control (C2) domains) in a configuration module. The malware communicates with the C2 communications through POST HTTP requests and makes use of RC4 encryption with a hardcoded key encoded with Base64.

    Specialists observed that the command and management infrastructure utilized by the Evilnum APT is increasing.

    “Whereas the C2 IP tackle modifications each few weeks, the record of domains related to this IP tackle retains rising,” continues the report revealed by the specialists. “A couple of weeks in the past, three domains related to the malware have been resolved to the identical IP tackle. Shortly thereafter, the C2 IP tackle of all three domains modified. As well as, three new domains have been registered with the identical IP tackle and have been utilized by the malware. A couple of weeks later, this alteration occurred once more. The decision tackle of all domains modified within the span of some days, with the addition of three new domains.”

    The assaults using the PyVil RAT are characterised by a brand new an infection chain that features a multi-process supply process of the payload, whereas previous assaults used solely a first-stage JavaScript Trojan with backdoor capabilities to determine an preliminary foothold on a goal.

    Through the an infection part, risk actors additionally used modified variations of reputable executables to keep away from detection.

    The brand new an infection chain begins by together with only one LNK file within the ZIP archive connected to spear-phishing messages. When the LNK file is executed, a JavaScript file is known as, which acts solely as a first-stage dropper (the file title is ddpp.exe).

    “The ddpp.exe executable seems to be a model of [Oracle] Java Internet Begin Launcher, modified to execute malicious code,” in accordance with Cybereason. “When evaluating the malware executable with the unique Oracle executable, we will see the same metadata between the information. The foremost distinction at first sight is that the unique Oracle executable is signed, whereas the malware just isn’t.”

    The malware obtain persistence utilizing the Run registry key, it creates a scheduled activity named “Dolby Selector Process” for ddpp.exe.

    The “Dolby Selector Process” acts as a second stage malware that retrieves a payload by unpacking shellcode. The shellcode connects to the C2 utilizing a GET request, and in flip receives one other encrypted executable, which it saves to disk as “fplayer.exe.”

    The fplayer.exe is crafted to look as a modified model of [Nvidia’s legitimate] Stereoscopic 3D driver Installer.

    Upon executing the fplayer.exe file, one other shellcode is unpacked, which connects the C2 and downloads the ultimate payload that’s decrypted and loaded to reminiscence.

    evilnum unleashes-pyvil-rat

    “This innovation in techniques and instruments is what allowed the group to remain underneath the radar, and we anticipate to see extra sooner or later because the Evilnum group’s arsenal continues to develop.” concludes the report.

    Pierluigi Paganini

    (SecurityAffairs – hacking, Evilnum)



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