Length of String in C Language-Linux Hint

    A string in C language is an array of characters that’s terminated with a null character (). The string size is the variety of characters in a string. Within the string size ‘,’ a personality just isn’t counted.

    Within the instance proven above, the size of the string str is 6.

    On this tutorial, first, we’ll present how you can use a person outlined perform to calculate size of a string, after which we’ll present you a built-in library perform strlen(). We additionally present you the makes use of of the sizeof operator for string literals.

    String Size Utilizing Consumer Outlined Operate

    You possibly can write a person outlined perform which returns the variety of characters in a string.


    int stringLength(char *str)

    int i=0;

    whereas(str[i] != ”) i++;

    return i;

    int important()

    Right here, we iterate the whereas loop from i = Zero till we don’t encounter the ‘’ character. The worth of i is elevated by 1 in every iteration of the whereas loop. When the loop ends, the worth of i is the size of the string.

    String Size Utilizing Constructed-In Library Operate

    The built-in library perform strlen() will also be used to find out string size.

    strlen() perform:

    Header file:


    size_t strlen (const char *str)

    Argument: This perform takes an argument of the kind pointer to char.

    Return worth: This perform returns the size of the string str. Be aware that size_t is simply an alias of an unsigned integer.


    int important()

    char str1[30]=”STRING ARRAY”;
    char *str2;
    char *str3;

    str2 = str1;
    str3 = “STRING POINTER”;

    printf(“Size of the string str1 is => %ldn”,strlen(str1));
    printf(“Size of the string str2 is => %ldn”,strlen(str2));
    printf(“Size of the string str3 is => %ldn”,strlen(str3));
    printf(“Size of the string “STRING LITERALS” is => %ldn”,strlen(“STRING LITERALS”));

    return 0;

    Right here, we cross string array, string pointer, and string literal to the strlen perform, and the perform returns the size of the string.

    String Size Utilizing sizeof Operator

    We can also use the sizeof operator for string size (just for string literal). However, now we have to subtract 1 from the worth returned by this operator, as a result of it additionally counts the’’ character. For array and pointer, the sizeof operator returns the allotted measurement of the array and the pointer, respectively.


    int important()

    char str1[30] = “STRING”;
    char *str2 =str1;

    printf(“Size of “STRING” is => %dn”,(sizeof(“STRING”) – 1));
    printf(“Allotted measurement of the str1 array is => %dn”,sizeof(str1));
    printf(“Measurement of the str2 pointer is => %dn”,sizeof(str2));

    return 0;

    Right here, in Line no 9, we cross the string literal “STRING” and get the scale, together with the ‘’ character. So, we subtract 1 and get the precise measurement of the string.

    After we cross an array to the sizeof operator, it returns the allotted measurement of the array, which is 30, and when passing a personality pointer, it returns the scale of the pointer.


    So, on this tutorial, now we have proven you the way string size could be calculated in numerous methods. You need to use in your code whichever methodology is greatest fitted to you.

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