Linux Mint 20 Release Date, Features and Other Important Stuff

    A constantly updated article listing all the new features of the upcoming Linux Mint 20 release.

    Ubuntu LTS version 20.04 is around the corner. This is also good news for Linux Mint users. The new version of Ubuntu LTS means that a new large version of Linux Mint will follow soon.

    What for? Because Linux Mint is based on the long term support (LTS) of the Ubuntu version. The Mint 18 series based on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, Mint 19 based on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and Linux Mint is coming on the market.

    Unlike Ubuntu, Linux Mint does not have a release schedule installed. Based on previous trends I can reasonably assume that Linux Mint 20 will be released in June this year.

    New features in Ulyana Linux Mint 20

    Linux Mint 20 new features

    Let’s take a look at some of the most important new features and changes in Linux Mint 20, codenamed Ulyana.

    Improving the performance of the Nemofile manager

    One of the planned improvements in Nemo’s file manager is the way he deals with thumbnails. You may not have guessed it, but the sketch requires considerable system resources (and disk space). Try to open a folder with a few thousand images and you will see that CPU usage is increasing.

    In Linux Mint 20 the goal is to give priority to content and navigation and to postpone sketches as much as possible. This means that the contents of folders with shared icons are displayed before the thumbnails are displayed. It will be uncomfortable for the eye, but you will notice the improvement in performance.

    Two updated color versions

    By default Linux Mint has a green/mint accent. There are other color accents. Linux Mint 20 refreshes the pink and blue colors of your kitten.

    Here is the new colour of the Aqua Accent:

    Room 20 Aqua Linux Aqua Mint

    And a new color with a pink accent:

    Coin 20 Pink 1 Linux Coin Pink

    File exchange over the network becomes easy with this newtool .

    Linux Mint 20 will have a new graphical interface that will allow you to easily share files over a local network without additional settings.

    The Linux Mint 20 Warpinator tool is used for sharing files over the network New tool for sharing files over the network

    Advanced Desktop Integration for Electronic Applications

    Electron is an open source framework that makes it possible to create cross-platform desktop applications using web technologies. Some people call this approach lazy because the application runs on the Chromium web browser. However, this allows developers to make their applications easily available for Linux (and MacOS). The weakness of Linux is one of many examples.

    Linux Mint 20 will provide better support for Electron applications through better integration of the system tray and desktop notifications.

    Fractional zoom with enhanced multi-monitor support

    Linux Mint 20 Display Monitor

    The proposed change provides for fractional scaling in Linux Mint 20, which should also be supported by multi-monitor support. If you have a combination of HiDPI and nonHiDPI monitors, you should be able to choose a different resolution, refresh rate and fractional scale for each monitor.

    Not more than 32 bits

    Although Ubuntu lowered the 32-bit ISO two years ago, the Linux Mint 19 series still offers the 32-bit ISO for download and installation on April 18.

    This is a change from Linux Mint 20. The 32-bit version of Linux Mint 20 is no longer available. This is due to the fact that Ubuntu’s 32-bit support will disappear completely on 20 April.

    What else?

    The release of the desktop version of Cinnamon 4.6 comes with many visual changes.

    There should be a few changes under the Ubuntu 20.04 hood, such as the Linux 5.4 kernel, removal of Python 2 support, activation of VPN Wireguard, etc.

    I will update this article with additional features as it evolves. Stay with us!

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