Take backup of the available data on the server

    Hello, today we will see how we can back up the data available on the server.

    Start with Acronis, the world leader in backup solutions. It provides backup software, such as Acronis True Image, which uses the technology to back up images from the entire system (including OS files).

    The Acronis cloud platform accepts backups that can be used for disaster recovery, synchronization and file sharing for a variety of applications in the cloud.

    Without taking up too much of our time, we’ll just…

    how to install Acronis Agent on Ubuntu Linux distribution

    Part One

    Installation of Acronis on ubuntu

    1. SSH to server

    2. First of all, make sure that all updated patches are installed on the server.  You can also do this in
    by running the command below as root.




    3. After the
    update is finished, restart and continue. (I recommend restarting
    , otherwise you can continue the installation).

    To define the acronym
    , we need to define the main speed, so do it under 1 so
    will do it.


    correct setting
    integrated required speed


    4. After
    we need to download the binaries to the server and make



    chmod +x


    5. We are now ready to install the Keyrenl-Level modules that were needed when installing the acronis agent on the server so that it can be installed underneath.


    apt-get -y installed
    rpm gcc make curl wget linux headers-$(uname -r)


    6. To install
    , launch the agent into the ssh console.




    Acronys will now show you the
    Welcome Wizard, then press Next and
    and select the Acronys Backup Agent for
    Linux. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Wait a minute.

    When it is ready, it will ask for the management server (IP/name) :

    Then select Save as next account and enter the information you obtained from your Acronis Backup service provider. Enter Login : and then Password: Then click Next.

    When you see that the installation is complete, click on the Finish button to exit the installation wizard.

    7. Now go to the Acronis web interface with the data you entered in the steps above.

    Click on Devices and check
    if your new Ubuntu server has been added to the Acronis Backup Console.

    8. The last part is drawing up an emergency plan. You can create a backup plan according to your needs and geographic location. If you have a server with a 50GB disk, I advise you to buy a 200GB Acronis backup product. This way we can define 3 backup points (note: the type of backup will be incremental).

    Read it,

    Part II

    Setting up a backup plan.

    Sign up for Acronis web
    Click on the Save button and
    will adjust the plan to your wishes.

    When setting up a
    backup plan, you need to indicate what to do with the backup,
    indicates the backup methods, where to make the backup, the schedule,
    backup schedules (not for the cloud), the storage duration (location).

    NOTE : Schedule the backup at night to ensure that the backup task is performed without errors because your server has fewer visitors.

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